Brand: SU-KAM
Model: Cosmic900VA
Availability: In Stock
₹ 5,015.00 ₹ 8,390.00
There’s more to Su-Kam’s Cosmic Digital UPS than its cool, contemporary looks. Underneath that stylish exterior is a superior technology that gives you awesome features, better safety standards and enhanced performance.

Breaking away from traditional style, the R&D team at Su-Kam has given the Cosmic Digital UPS a very futuristic smart look in a bright colour scheme making it a lifestyle product that can only add to your home interiors.

The Cosmic Digital UPS is also available as a complete package with the Cosmic Trolley and a Cosmic 150Ah battery.
Technical Specifications
Number of Batteries 1Nos.
Standard Warranty 24 Months
UPS Specifications
UPS Output Waveform Type Square Wave